Elizabeth Anne Studio
Marketing, design and photography




Client Selection

Due to the nature of my personalized service and attention to detail, Elizabeth Anne Studio is not always able to work with every client that requests service. I carefully take on projects according to available time and projects that best seem to suit my skills. I will always be honest and clear about what I can and cannot do. 


Elizabeth Anne Studio accepts payment through PayPal and in the form of cash or check. Depending on the package you choose, your payment terms will be detailed in the contract you must sign and return before work begins. Once a contract is returned and work begins, deposits are not refundable.

The Design Process

The design process is a fun and creative one, but I'll need your help to get it just right! Clients will be asked to complete project questionnaires before any work will be completed to help give me the best understanding of your brand and expectations. I'll depend on your feedback and input to help create the best outcome for your project.

Progress will be shared with clients during the design process and revisions are welcome during that time. If I have created a website for you, I will be happy to work with you to learn how to utilize Squarespace and make revisions going forward. I am always happy to answer questions and provide assistance to our clients, even after a project is completed.


An Elizabeth Anne Studio logo and link will be added to the footer of your website. By signing my contract and accepting my services, you agree to keep both the logo and link in that location for the length of time you are using my work. If I have designed a print project for you, my logo and/or web address will be incorporated into an inconspicuous area on the piece.