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5 Resources for Free Stock Photos

If you're someone who creates content or marketing collateral for a business or organization, undoubtedly you've experienced the challenge of finding quality imagery to incorporate into it. You can go the traditional route of using iStockphoto.com or Getty Images, but after a while, those stock photos can get expensive!

I don't always want to spend money on imagery, especially when it's for something I don't necessarily budget for, such as blog or social media posts. 

The answer? Free stock photos. Yes, these do exist.

Here's a list of some of my favorite resources for free photos:

Kaboom Pics
The photos this photographer offers are typically feminine and cute, but I've found a lot of pretty imagery for blog and social media posts here. Good for computer/business related imagery.


This site has a great search tool at the top and the best part is that the photos are beautiful and less "stock" feeling than typical imagery found on iStock etc. Oh, and they're free.


This site has some gorgeous imagery, mostly of landscapes and outdoor shots, but they do have a search tool at the top as well. Great for content regarding topics like relaxation, nature, world events, outdoor concepts, stress, etc.


Another great site with free images you can download and use however you like!  Use the search bar at the top or browse the handy categories they've organized at the bottom of the homepage. 


Lots of outdoor and street photography here, but you may come across other kinds of imagery by using the search bar. Again, all photos are free to use and are high-resolution. Just right click on an image to download.

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