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My Favorite Resources for Beautiful Fonts

Fonts are the backbone to beautiful design. Unless you are a designer of some sort, people often don't realize that you are not limited to those traditional fonts found in your Microsoft Office menu.

Whether you are making a homemade invitation to your child's birthday party, or are looking to spruce up a quick flyer for a sale your company is having, using a special font can make all the difference to look of your piece.

I am a bit of a font fanatic. One of my favorite pastimes that I enjoy in my spare time (ha, spare time...) is downloading new fonts. I cannot even estimate how many fonts I have added to my FontBook on my MacBook.

Read the Fine Print

While more customized fonts often cost a fee to download, there are countless free fonts available for download as well.

Just be careful to read the fine print about what type of license the font comes with. Some font creators may allow free personal use of the font only, while others may specify free personal and commercial use.

My Favorite Font Resources

DaFont.com - Weird name, I know. But this is one of my go-to's for free fonts. The categories are easy to navigate and I like the preview option. Just type in whatever words or names you are looking to use in a new, exciting font and DaFont.com will show you what it will look like in all the different font options.

FontSquirrel.com - The great part about this resource is that not only are the fonts free, but they are 100% free for commercial use. Use the classifications and tags associated with the fonts that appear in the right hand column for easier search capabilities.

Fontspring.com - Fontspring has a good mix of free and available-for-purchase fonts. You can search for terms like, "sports font," and be shown a quality selection of fonts that fit that criteria, or you can use the categories and tags in the right column.

Fontshop.com - When I need a really good script or handwritten font, I look here. These fonts are not free, but for certain projects you may find yourself accepting the idea of paying for a gorgeous, custom font, especially when it'll be yours to use forever.

MyDesignDeals.com - This blog features some great deals on font bundles. I recently purchased a pack of 39 custom fonts for $39. That is a huge discount.

How to Download Fonts

In terms of downloading the fonts to your computer, the method will depend on whether you are using a PC or Mac. Here are some great directions for PC users and for Mac users. (It's a lot easier than you might think!)

So go crazy and download some custom fonts! It's so much fun!

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