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MJ's Pet Training Academy

I am so excited to be partnering with MJ's Pet Training Academy to help them spruce up their marketing! My 5-month old Golden Retriever, Tuukka, actually enjoys private training sessions with Melissa, the owner, and so I have a deep-seeded interest in helping Melissa succeed with her brand. She realllllly knows her animal stuff, but just like any other crazy-busy small business owner, she just needs some touch-ups with her marketing - and that's where I come in! 

For those of you wondering what the process of working with Elizabeth Anne Studio is like, I wanted to give you a peek of the inspiration board I put together for MJ's. This board is constantly changed as I gather new ideas and work with the client, but it serves as a place to keep all of our concepts together.

From here, I began building her website and blog (which should be done this week, yay!). I'll work with the client to make sure they understand how to navigate their site once they log in and make it super easy for them to post blog entries and make changes as they become necessary, such as schedule updates, price changes etc.

Now for that sneak peek! 

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