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The Science of Color


Did you know that certain colors relay certain feelings or are meant to evoke specific meanings? There's a real science behind color choices, and smart retailers, marketers, artists and designers know that some colors are better choices than others, depending on the message you are trying to convey. 

what do colors convey?

Here's a breakdown of the emotions or ideas that traditional colors convey in our culture: 

  • Red: warmth, love, anger, danger, excitement, speed, strength, energy, desire, passion, courage, boldness.
  • Pink: femininity, love, caring, nurturing.  
  • Orange: cheerfulness, affordability, enthusiasm, creativity, aggression, Halloween
  • Yellow: friendly, attention-grabbing, bold, bright, comfort, happiness, liveliness, optimism, summer, intellect, energy, conflict. 
  • Green: durable, reliable, environmentally-friendly, luxurious, well-being, optimism, nature, calm, relaxing, natural, spring, safety, honesty, harmony, fresh. 
  • Blue: peaceful, natural, professional, loyal, reliable, honor, trustworthy, boredom, cold, staple, conservative.
  • Purple: powerful, royal, nobility, elegant, sophisticated, artificial, luxury, mystery, elegance, magical. 
  • Gray: conservative, traditional, intelligent, serious, dull, uninteresting. 
  • Brown: relaxing, casual, nature, confident, earthy, solid, genuine, reliable, autumn, durable. 
  • Black: elegant, sophistication, formal, power, strength, illegal, depressed, morbid, nighttime, death. 
  • White: cleanliness, purity, newness, peace, innocence, simple, snow, ice, winter, cold. 

Color is Key

Understanding the effects of color on your audience can help you persuade your target of your message. This comes into play heavily when designing your logo, color palette and website, so seeking the guidance of a professional designer is key.  

A lawyer for instance, would probably want to steer clear of using the color pink in their logo and stationary.  And someone who designs furniture for infants would probably not be well-advised to use red or brown in their brand.

Of course, you want to love your logo and your brand, so using colors that you are fond of is always desirable, but there may be ways to incorporate your favorite colors in unique ways that only a designer can suggest.  

Let us Help

Do your research and trust your designer when it comes to your brand's color palette. That's something that will stick with your brand for a long time! Reach out to us today and we can help you design a brand identity that you will be truly happy with.

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